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Revive Integrative Health helps you achieve ideal health and vitality through holistic and integrative approaches. We are dedicated to your health and committed to uncovering the causes of your chronic conditions and autoimmunity disorders. People with many unique conditions benefit from integrative health, whether you need a hashimoto disease specialist or treatment for thyroid issues. Continue reading to learn how you can take control of your health and well-being.

What is Integrative Health?

Integrative and holistic health approaches emphasize the interconnectedness of the mind, body, and spirit in achieving overall well-being. In the realm of healthcare, these philosophies recognize that optimal health extends beyond the absence of disease and involves addressing the root causes of physical and emotional imbalances.

 Integrative and holistic medicine combines conventional medical practices with complementary therapies, such as acupuncture, herbal medicine, nutrition, and mindfulness, to provide a comprehensive and patient-centered approach to healing. Another example of integrative and holistic medicine is injections for rheumatoid arthritis (RA). Conditions like RA can be very challenging on your physical and emotional health.

This approach places a strong emphasis on prevention, personalized care, and empowering individuals to take an active role in their health journey. By treating the whole person, not just isolated symptoms, integrative and holistic health aims to foster a state of balance, vitality, and resilience, promoting lasting health and vitality.

Why Integrative Health is Essential

Integrative health is essential because it takes a comprehensive approach to treating the whole person. It addresses not just physical health but also psychological and social factors that can impact health. This approach is essential because it recognizes that our health is determined by more than just our physical bodies.

A recent study found that integrative health care was associated with several benefits, including improved physical health, mental health, and quality of life. The study also found that integrative health care was associated with lower costs. This is likely because integrative health care is more effective at treating the whole person and addressing the root causes of many health problems.

The Benefits of Working with an Integrative Health Practitioner

What if I told you there's a way to improve your health without relying on conventional medicine?

Introducing Revive Integrative Health, an integrative practice that combines the best of Eastern and Western medicine. At Revive, we believe in a holistic approach to health, which means we treat the whole person, not just the symptoms. We take into account your lifestyle, diet, and stress levels, as well as your physical and emotional health.

We offer various services to help you achieve optimum health, including acupuncture, massage therapy, nutritional counseling, and more.

The benefits of working with an integrative health practitioner include:
Muscle icon
Improved physical health
Improved emotional health
Mind asset
Increased energy levels
Mental Health icon
Improved mental health
Lotus Position
Improved spiritual health
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Greater overall well-being
If you're looking for a more holistic approach to your health, consider working with Revive Integrative Health. 

Kaylee Confer

Dr. Kaylee Confer is a highly respected holistic medical doctor with a passion for promoting overall wellness and balance in her patients' lives. Her journey towards becoming a leading figure in the field of holistic medicine began at Michigan State University's Lyman Briggs College, where she pursued her academic interests in human biology. There, she earned a Bachelor's degree in Human Biology, gaining a strong foundation in the biological sciences.

Driven by her fascination with the intricate connection between the mind and body, Dr. Confer also obtained a Bachelor's degree in Psychology during her time at Michigan State University. This dual educational background allowed her to explore the profound interplay between psychological well-being and physical health, a perspective that continues to shape her holistic approach to healthcare.

Conditions We Manage

Explore our expertise in managing diverse health conditions, providing personalized care for a path to lasting well-being.

What to Expect During Your First Appointment with an Integrative Health Practitioner

You've decided to seek out an integrative health practitioner. Congratulations! This is a big step toward taking control of your health and well-being.

So, what can you expect during your first appointment? Here's a brief overview:
Your practitioner will want to get to know you. They'll ask about your health history, current symptoms, and overall health goals. You may be asked if you have ever visited an integrative health practitioner or autoimmune doctor before. Be as open and honest as possible. The more information your practitioner has, the better they can help you.
Your integrative health practitioner will likely order some tests. These could include blood work, urine tests, or food sensitivity tests. The results of these tests will help your practitioner develop a tailored plan to improve your health.
You and your functional medicine doctor will discuss your test results and create a treatment plan. This plan may include lifestyle changes, dietary changes, supplements, and natural therapies.
Your practitioner will provide resources to help you implement your treatment plan. These could include books, websites, articles, or referrals to other practitioners.
You and your practitioner will schedule follow-up appointments to track your progress and make necessary adjustments to your treatment plan.
Integrative health care is a journey, not a destination. Working with an integrative health practitioner means you're taking the first step toward a healthier, happier you.
Experience healthcare with an empathetic, comprehensive approach at Revive Integrative Health in Glenview. We offer holistic solutions for various health conditions. From Hashimoto's disease specialists to leading chronic fatigue syndrome clinics, we have the best equipment and staff that will prioritize your well-being.

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